Murray Thomas

  • Cet ouvrage e´blouissant met en lumie`re une partie de la collection textile de Thomas Murray, marchand d'art extra-europe´en qui a re´uni au fil des anne´es un ensemble rare de textiles japonais inconnus du public franc¸ais. Leur e´tat de conservation exceptionnel et leur grande beaute´ ont conduit a` leur acquisition par le Minneapolis Institut of Art en mars 2019.
    Divise´ en trois parties, ce livre pre´sente trois grandes cate´gories de textiles japonais ainsi que diffe´rentes techniques de tissage qui leur sont associe´es. Ceux, extre^mement rares, re´alise´s par le peuple Ai¨nou surprennent tout d'abord par leur matie`re, leur finesse et leur beaute´ singulie`res. Les seconds textiles sont de´signe´s sous le terme Mingei, terme cre´e´ par Soetsu Yanagi au de´but du XXe sie`cle et qui signifie « art populaire ». Utilise´s dans la vie quotidienne, ils sont empreints d'une de´licatesse naturelle et e´le´gante. Quant au chapitre Okinawa, il met en lumie`re les cre´ations de cette i^le japonaise connue notamment pour ses bingata, des textiles aux couleurs vives et e´clatantes aux traits e´pais.
    Gra^ce a` des reproductions splendides et de tre`s nombreux de´tails, ce livre te´moigne de la finesse et de la somptuosite´ cre´ative dont savent faire preuve les tisserands japonais.

  • Ce livre révèle comment Olivier Messiaen, l'un des phares du xxe siècle musical, a bâti son oeuvre singulière en transformant les musiques qu'il aimait. Au long d'une enquête vaste et minutieuse, qui associe une relecture complète de ses écrits théoriques à l'analyse de ses partitions, les auteurs démontrent que Messiaen s'est forgé une technique d'emprunt, véritable méthode de composition irriguant toute sa production. L'origine d'une part majeure de son matériau musical se trouve dans un corpus large et éclectique : des courbes mélodiques de Mozart et Rameau aux rythmes irrationnels de Debussy ou Jolivet, des cantilènes hindoues aux harmonies sophistiquées de Ravel, Tournemire, Berg ou Massenet, des antiennes du plain-chant grégorien à de « charmants spécimens » de chansons populaires.
    Comprendre la matrice intellectuelle de cette technique, étudier les mécanismes de la collecte d'emprunts et de la fabrication de formules, saisir l'interaction de ces matériaux et leur montage dans les oeuvres offre une nouvelle clé de déchiffrement de la musique de Messiaen et repousse les frontières de la compréhension de la composition musicale. Au-delà des étapes du processus créateur, les emprunts dévoilent l'imaginaire du compositeur, mais aussi les relations multiples et complexes qui se nouent entre admiration et audace, entre modèle et invention.

  • We Who Dared to Say No to War uncovers some of the forgotten but compelling body of work from the American antiwar tradition speeches, articles, poetry, book excerpts, political cartoons, and more from people throughout our history who have opposed war. Beginning with the War of 1812, these selections cover every major American war up to the present and come from both the left and the right, from religious and secular viewpoints. There are many surprises, including a forgotten letter from a Christian theologian urging Confederate President Jefferson Davis to exempt Christians from the draft and a speech by Abraham Lincoln opposing the 1848 Mexican War. Among others, Daniel Webster, Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, Grover Cleveland, Eugene Debs, Robert Taft, Paul Craig Roberts, Patrick Buchanan, and Country Joe and the Fish make an appearance. This first-ever anthology of American antiwar writing offers the full range of the subject's richness and variety.

  • Offers an updated second edition of the comprehensive reference on the use of drugs for veterinary mental health care and behavior modification This fully revised Second Edition of Veterinary Psychopharmacology offers an authoritative reference to the drugs prescribed to treat psychiatric, psychological, and behavioral disorders in pets. Designed to be an accessible resource, the text is divided into sections on psychopharmacologic principles and clinical psychopharmacology. Comprehensive in scope, the book contains detailed information on pharmacologic intervention for pet mental health and behavior issues, offers thorough explanations of options, and explores why a particular drug should be prescribed and why it works. Updated to include the recent advances in psychopharmacology for pets, the Second Edition includes new chapters that cover the principles of psychopharmacology, miscellaneous serotonergic agents, anticonvulsants and mood stabilizers, sympatholytic agents, and NMDA antagonists. In addition, the text explains the drug options, including all the information necessary to correct dysfunctions in the brain's chemistry through pharmacologic treatment. This important resource: Presents an updated and comprehensive resource for pharmacologic treatments for pet, equine, and zoo animal psychiatric disorders and behavior problems Contains in-depth information on drugs that promote neurochemical changes that will alter the mood, emotional state, reactivity, and behavior of the patient, including prescribing options and mechanisms of action Includes new chapters on the principles of psychopharmacology, miscellaneous serotonergic agents, mood stabilizers, sympatholytic agents, and NMDA antagonists Written for veterinarians, veterinary behaviorists, and veterinary students, the updated second edition of Veterinary Psychopharmacology is a complete source for current knowledge on pharmacologic behavior modification.
    "Overall, this book packs a substantial amount of useful data into approximately 300 pages. The scope of the book is comprehensive and may include more in-depth information than casual prescribers seek, but it will be a good resource for the practitioners who are interested in immersing themselves into veterinary psychopharmacology." - JAVMA Vol 255 No. 6

  • The book is part of a series on Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences, which has as its focus anxiety and its treatment. We have brought together a distinguished cadre of authors with the aim of covering a broad array of topics related to anxiety disorders, ranging from clinical diagnosis, epidemiology, preclinical neuroscience, and animal models to established and innovative therapeutic approaches. The book aims at bridging these disciplines to provide an update of literature relevant to understanding anxiety, its consequences, and its management. Following is a brief overview of the chapters and their content, meant to serve as a guide to navigating the book. The ?rst section covers clinical aspects of anxiety disorders. Joe Bienvenu and colleagues provide an incisive overview of diagnostic considerations in the anxiety disorders in which they emphasize the strengths and shortcomings of our current nosologic systems. This is followed by a review and update of the epidemiology of anxiety disorders by Ron Kessler and colleagues, which provides an authoritative survey of anxiety disorder incidence, prevalence, and risk factors. This is comp- mented by a comprehensive review of the literature on disorders that co-occur with anxiety disorders by Kathleen Merikangas and Sonja Alsemgeest Swanson. Their review highlights the tremendous comorbidity that occurs not only within the anxiety disorders, but also with other mental and physical health conditions.

  • Learn to: Get a handle on soccer rules and regulations Grasp the basic moves and plays Improve dribbling, passing, and other skills Appreciate this popular pastime Learn the basics, improve your game knowledge, and reach your soccer playing goals Do you get a kick out of soccer? Whether you're a youth league player, a soccer parent, or a World Cup fan, here at last is the book you've been waiting for. Now updated with the latest history, stats, and rules of this popular sport, Soccer For Dummies is the ultimate guide to the greatest and most popular sport on the planet. Kick off - get a beginner's history of soccer, from its early days in China to the modern game that's showcased in stadiums and played on soccer fields all across the globe Get to the nitty-gritty - discover the rules of the game, what each player on the field is expected to do, the tactics they employ, and the skills they need to play The biggest sport in the world - explore everything about the professional game of soccer, from the biggest show on earth - the FIFA World Cup - to other international tournaments such as the European Championships, Copa America, and the CONCACAF Gold Cup For fans - find out what you can expect at a professional soccer game, as well as the lowdown on where you can find soccer on television, online, in newspapers, magazines, books, movies, and on DVDs Open the book and find: How soccer is played (and scored) Tips on coaching, how to keep fit, and how to play "the beautiful game" An in-depth look at women's soccer How club soccer is organized across the world Important international and club teams Fun soccer facts and interesting tidbits A look at the game's most fascinating players